I'm Henri Verroken, currently studying for my master's degree in Computer Sience and Engineering at Ghent University. Have fun reading!

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Haskey: User-defined Schemas, Monad Transformers and Future Work (Summer of Haskell 2017)

September 14, 2017 - Henri Verroken and Steven Keuchel

In this blog post we present the features we’ve added to Haskey during the last weeks of the Summer of Haskell project. These features include user-defined schemas, multi-table support and a monad transformer that supports Haskey transactions. They are vital for the usability of Haskey, which means Haskey can finally be experimentally incorporated in serious projects. We also believe that the inclusion of these features provide the necessary functionality for Haskey to be a successful project in the context of Summer of Haskell 2017.


Introducing Haskey (Summer of Haskell 2017)

August 24, 2017 - Henri Verroken

This blog post introduces the Haskey project, an ACID compliant embedded key-value store entirely written in Haskell, based on an MVCC B+-tree implementation. It was developed as part of the Summer of Haskell 2017. We will take a look at two libraries that we wrote this summer.